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 Custom Fan Finger


Custom Fan Finger
Hockey Fan Finger
Baseball Fan Finger
Fan Slammer



Stadium/Arena Sounds & Lightstm
"We're #1" Fingers

    Custom Promotional / Retail version.  Patents Pending.

Features & Key Benefits :


bullet3 Activity Buttons:
A) Organ Music & Crowd Sounds;
B) Bright LED Finger Tip Light. This Is Not A Laser;
C) Fan Participation Sound Effect
    - "Yuuuuuuur Ouuuut" for Baseball
    - "Cowbells" Sound effects for Hockey
bulletFinger Tip Light also blinks in sync with Sounds and Music. Loud enough for crowds.....quiet enough for lasting fun "after" the game.
bulletPortable "billboard" signage area. Incorporate your Sponsor and Team Logo artwork with your custom product color scheme.
bulletUse metal ring to hang.....or Stand It Up on a Desk. Replaceable batteries for long-lasting Fun and Brand Reinforcement.

Key Benefits

bulletChoose your own label artwork including Background, Team Logo, and Sponsor Logo.
bulletChoose from Baseball or Hockey Sound Effects Theme.
bulletChoose your own plastic colors.....Front and Back (buttons must match back case). Choose button icon color (black or white).
bulletChoose from a Red or Yellow Bright LED. This Is Not A Laser.
bulletUnit weighs approx. 2.5 oz. It is 4" Long x 2.5" Wide x 0.8" Thick.
bullet15 familiar song clips incorporate organ music, crowd cheers, claps, and drums.
bulletMetal Anchor Ring included. Stands up on end with no supports. Replaceable batteries. Battery tab included when shipping to preserve battery life until game time.

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