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Our Mission:

"To leverage knowledge and experience in low-cost electronics and manufacturing while providing innovative technological solutions for companies with new and existing product ideas. To seek out traditionally low-tech or commodity products and industries that can benefit from value added enhancements using electronics. To be great at what we do and to give superior service to our customers."
Company Profile:

Daniel Jensen started his current career in 1992, right out of Graduate School, in the Consumer Products Division of Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX.   Since then he has continued to serve the electronics needs of Toy and Juvenile Products companies throughout North America.

Services have since expanded abroad and currently operate out of several sister offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China.

Jensen has leveraged over 15 years of experience in developing innovative and low-cost electronic products to now offer truly "Global" product development and custom manufacturing solutions for clients.

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"15 Years
and counting!"
A message from the "Main Guy"
"During the last 18 years in business, the focus has been on the Toy and Juvenile Products industries.

Today, we are leveraging our experiences so that we can offer our global resources, efficient processes, and personalized expertise to companies in various industries.

Our aggressive role in helping companies make their own products in the Far East creates value.

This has been a very exciting journey, as we have helped companies reduce product cost while upholding quality and innovation.

We hope you will contact us today!"

-Daniel Jensen

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